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We are MCS accredited Cornwall biomass and Devon biomass heating installers.
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Cornwall & Devon Biomass Heating

Are you thinking of installing a biomass boiler or biomass heating system at your home in Devon or Cornwall? Here at Optiheat Renewables, we are experts in the installation of Devon biomass and Cornwall biomass heating systems and boilers.

What is Biomass Heating?

Biomass is a renewable energy source derived from biological materials such as plants or plant-derived materials including virgin untreated wood, certain energy crops and agricultural residues. Therefore, biomass heating is the production of heat through the combustion of organic materials (biomass).

Biomass can be used to produce heat either directly through combustion or indirectly after it has been converted into other forms of biofuel through thermal, chemical and biochemical methods. The heat produced from the combustion of the biomass is used to heat your hot water boilers or to power your central heating in your home or commercial property.

Biomass boilers burn biomass fuels whilst being connected to your central heating and hot water system to heat your home. According to the Energy Saving Trust a wood-fueled boiler could save you up to £650 a year compared to traditional electric heating systems. If your home is currently using an old electrical heating system then a biomass heating system could be considered to make a huge saving on your heating bills. Optiheat Renewables are Cornwall biomass and Devon biomass heating experts who are happy to advise you on the best heating solutions for you and your home. 

Benefits of installing a biomass system

Biomass heating considerations


The costs of installing a biomass boiler or stove depend on your heating requirements and size of your home. Pellet costs also depend on the size and method of delivery ie buying a few bags at a time is a lot more expensive than if you have a large biomass store that can hold several tonnes of pellets at a time, which can be delivered in bulk. Wood can be cheaper than pellets depending on the availability of wood in your area, they can be very expensive to transport. You can reduce your costs by buying a year’s worth of unseasoned logs and allowing them to season over a year.

The right fuel for you

Which biomass is best for you from chips, pellets and logs? Chips are not suitable for single dwellings but can be used to heat large buildings or groups of buildings. Pellets are much easier to use and more controllable than logs, can be operated remotely in the same way as gas boilers work and can have automatic fuel feeders that refill your boiler at regular intervals. Logs, however, need to be added to the system by hand which makes considerably more work. It also takes a lot of logs to heat an entire house but can be cheaper than pellets if you have good local supply of logs to your home in Devon or Cornwall.


Do you have enough space to store the boiler and fuel? Wood boilers are considerably larger than traditional boilers and you will need sufficient space to store your chosen fuel. The storage area needs to be easy to access for deliveries and be suitable for feeding the boiler.

Do you have permission? 

Normally you won’t need planning permission to install a biomass boiler; however you should always check because all new wood heating systems must comply with building regulations. It is also important to check that you are allowed to burn biomass in your area – you may be living in a protected area that restricts the burning of biomass. 

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Here at Optiheat we are Cornwall and Devon biomass heating system and biomass boiler installers.

If you want to know more about potentially having a biomass heating system installed at your property in Devon or Cornwall then get in touch with us via out Contact Us page or by calling us on:

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