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EPC Requirements

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. From the 1st April 2012, customers must provide an EPC with their Feed-in Tariff (FIT) application showing the building that the installation is attached to or wired to provide electricity to, is a level D or above.

Because this is not an MCS requirement, it is usually the customer’s responsibility to obtain the EPC before they apply for the FITs. However, at Optiheat we have a team of assessors that will happily provide you with an EPC before you submit your application.

The customer can only claim the higher rate (available to them at the time of the application) if they can provide the EPC with the application.  

When is the EPC required?

The EPC can be obtained before or after the installation of the solar PV system, but to receive the higher tariff available at the time of the FIT application, the EPC must be submitted with the application. In some cases, the installation of the solar panels may bring up the rating of the building to a level D.

Exemptions to EPC Requirements

An EPC must be obtained if the installation is on, or wired to a relevant building to provide electricity. Please see the following examples:

  1. NON RELEVANT BUILDING: If the system is installed on a barn and only provides electricity to the barn.
  2. RELEVANT BUILDING: If the system is installed on a barn and provides electricity to a farm house you must get an EPC for the farm house.

There are situations where it will not be possible to get an EPC for the building that the installation is on or wired to provide electricity to, as it does not fall within the definition of ‘building’ as detailed in the Directive 2002/91/EC (Please see full definition below). In these cases, the customer must provide evidence that the building is unable to achieve an EPC rating of D or above. One option to demonstrate this could be for the customer to provide a document from an EPC assessor which confirms that it was not possible to obtain an EPC for the building and the reasons why.

Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings defines "building” as "a roofed construction having walls, for which energy is used to condition the indoor climate; a building may refer to the building as a whole or parts thereof that have been designed or altered to be used separately.” 

More Information

Full guidance on the new EPC requirements has been published by Ofgem and can be found here.

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