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MCS accredited installers of the Ecocent air source heat pump at homes in Devon and throughout the South West
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Ecocent Air Source Heat Pumps

About the Ecocent

The ESP Ecocent is unique and exceptional in every way. It will generate domestic hot water (DHW) from heat within the home that would otherwise be totally wasted e.g. heat generated in the bathroom when showering or bathing. The Ecocent also dehumidifies air that it processes to recover waste heat. 

The by-product of the Ecocent is cold air that can be recycled in to the house to provide cooling for a larder, bedrooms in summer, conservatories in summer, and so on. 

The Ecocent can be installed as a mains pressure unit or gravity fed. 

Units in our Ecocent range are MCS Accredited and supplied by our partner Earth Save Products.

An Ecocent installation in Totnes

Optiheat are MCS accredited installers of the Ecocent air source heat pump.

We installed an Ecocent 300 litre hot water cylinder near Totnes in South Devon.  It is a 300l unvented cylinder with an air source heat pump on top. This has a supply and extract duct that uses the air from your home to heat your hot water. 

This is a great solution for a cylinder swap and reducing your energy bills.  If you like the sound of an Ecocent air source heat pump to take care of your hot water get in touch.

These cylinders have lots of different applications and are very well designed.

The cost of producing and delivering the required kWh of heat to produce that much DHW for a 24hr period is dictated by the efficiency (COP) of the unit generating the heat. Using document M324 process/draw-off and calculation methodology and taking the Ecocent COP as being 2.4 (because of the relatively high number of draw-offs in small amounts at high water temperatures to a total to 100 ltrs overall 24 hour demand) this amount of DHW might take approx. 2.41 kWh of electricity to produce. 

If you assume a cost of 1 kWh of electricity to be 13p, the cost of generating the 100 ltrs of DHW would be 2.41 X 13p = 31.3p.

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