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Devon High Efficiency Boilers

What is a high efficiency boiler?

A high efficiency boiler is often referred to as a condensing boiler; these boilers are essentially water heaters that can run at higher than 90% efficiency. This varies dramatically to a conventional boiler which runs at an efficiency between 70-80%.

A conventional boiler works by burning fuel, the hot gases that are produced pass through a heat exchanger which transfers the majority of the heat to water to raise the temperature of the water to use in the home. Optiheat are Gas Safe so they can service and repair your current boiler - click here for more info.     

A high efficiency boiler essentially reuses the waste heat from the combustion process that would otherwise be expelled from the flue of a standard efficiency boiler into the atmosphere.  A high efficiency boiler works by condensing the water vapour left over from the combustion process of the standard boiler and uses the heat from this condensation. Once the heat is used from the condensation, the condensate is either harmlessly expelled as vapour through a flue or as a liquid drained off at a drain point. Therefore, a high efficiency boiler produces lower flue gas emissions, lower flue gas temperatures and less fuel consumption.     

Benefits of High Efficiency Boilers

Since April 2005, new regulations stated that all new boilers will have to be high-efficiency A and B rated condensing boilers. If you have a boiler older than 2005 which needs replacing, please get in touch with us for more information and how we can install a high efficiency boiler in your home in Devon or Cornwall.

Although condensing boilers are initially more expensive to buy and install than a conventional boiler you will recuperate your costs in reduced fuel consumption within a couple of years depending on the efficiency of your original and new systems. These saving are then carried on throughout the boiler’s lifespan of around 30% savings on your heating bills each year.

If you are currently experiencing high utility bills with your conventional boiler then it is worthwhile getting your existing system assessed by an expert to see how you can save money on your heat usage. Sometimes it is more cost effective to have better home insulation installed than it is to replace your boiler – our experts at Optiheat will advise you in the best methods for your home in Devon or Cornwall depending on your preferences, budget and heating requirements.

Check out our case studies for recent renewable heating installations. 

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