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Devon & Cornwall Underfloor Heating Installers

Underfloor Heating design, supply & installation

Optiheat Renewables are experts in the design and installation of underfloor heating in Devon and Cornwall at a competitive price.

There are 2 main forms of underfloor heating available, a dry system and a wet system. The dry underfloor heating system is formed from electric coils placed under the floor and the wet system is made up of pipes that warm water is pumped through. Both forms work on the principle that hot air rises to warm the air within the room. Underfloor heating heats a room evenly from the bottom to the top of the room, whereas traditional radiators do not especially at floor level.

Saving energy by installing underfloor heating in your home in the South Hams, Devon or Cornwall depends on how insulated your home is, what your heating requirements are and how efficient your boiler is. For example, according to the Energy Saving Trust, for a home with average insulation with an air to water pump system, underfloor heating under insulated timber will save you 20% of energy costs compared to a radiator system. However, in new and well-insulated homes, the energy saving with underfloor heating is negligible compared to a radiator system.   

A wet underfloor heating system is best in a well-insulated building because these systems work at lower temperatures than conventional radiator systems, making them ideal to be paired with heat pumps for your home’s heating. Underfloor heating is at its most effective when run continuously due to its low temperature heating levels and its slower response time to traditional radiators. This makes underfloor heating ideal for commercial buildings because of the higher volume levels of occupancy.    

Condensing boilers (high efficiency boilers) for a gas powered system are the best for underfloor heating because they are most effective at low temperature heating. You can also connect your underfloor heating to a thermal store and they work very well with air and ground source heat pumps

Your underfloor heating controls

If you are considering installing underfloor heating at your property in Devon or Cornwall, it is important to consider the heating controls.

A new impressive technology called the Neo Heatmiser is now available to control all of your home heating and hot water. It is a sophisticated system which gives you control to programme your heating anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet! You no longer need to fiddle with time clocks or thermostats; you will now be able to adjust your heating from a simple neoApp.

When you install your underfloor heating it is best to have them laid out in different circuits to create different zones throughout your home. By zoning your underfloor heating you enable each room to be heated differently at different times to best suit their purpose However, the more zones you create the more heating controls you will need which can be a hassle to regularly adjust.

With the Neo Heatmiser you can control up to 32 zones where each zone can have a different setting depending on the room’s purpose and whether you are away from the house or not. You no longer need to come home to a cold house, especially if you have irregular working hours or you work away from home. You will have remote access to your heating; therefore, you will be able to either log on to your heating system anywhere in the world via the internet or send a text message to turn your hot water and heating on in time for you to get home. 

Want to know more?

Want to know more about having underfloor heating or the Neo Heatmiser heating controls installed at your property in Devon or Cornwall? 

Get in touch with us by filling out our contact us form, emailing us direct on info@optiheatrenewables.com or call us to find out more about how we can help you with your Devon or Cornwall underfloor heating and heating controls:

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